Sunday, 31 July 2011

Babies, baking and buttons!

I had two of my babies, Zachy and Mini Mousey Amelia, come over today for some baking fun and buttons! We made cupcakes (surprise, surprise) and by the end of the day, we not only had two dozen cupcakes but buttons all over the living room! The babies found my button collection and thought it would be fun to play with the buttons while the cupcakes were baking in the oven! Although, it was fun to play with the buttons, it was not so fun cleaning them up.

Mini Mousey has taken quite a liking to baking and has come over to bake on a number of occasions. I am still trying to learn to let go and let her do things herself. But being the control freak that I am, I always feel the need to guide her through each step. By guide I mean do everything and have her hold my hand. Today, I actually let go and let her do things herself. And Mini did a great job! Although, she is still learning to pipe icing perfectly, she is most certainly getting there. She won’t be needing her Aunty Tina soon enough. After all, she is only 3! I guess there is still plenty of baking years of training a head.

We made raspberry cupcakes and they were YUM! All cupcakes were topped with a fondant topper and sprinkles. The babies decorated the cupcakes all by themselves.


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