Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ahoy there me hearties!

I always seem to make really cute girlie cupcakes. Not sure whether it is because of the nature of cupcakes itself being cute or because I like cute things? Ah well, food for thought (or more specifically, cupcake for thought).

Poor Zachy! Every time I make cupcakes for a family gathering, he is always stuck with a girlie looking cupcake. I have tried to make cupcakes more boy friendly in the past by putting little dinosaur sprinkles on the cupcake, but it still somehow looks a little girlie.

This past weekend, I was determined to make Zach a good old fashion masculine cupcake (if there is such a thing). I decided to put to use the pirate cupcake wrappers my mother-in-law brought me a couple months ago. The wrappers were black with orange and white skulls on it. Not pretty or cute at all! Very serious stuff.

While my vanilla cupcakes were baking away nicely in the oven, I decided to make a pirate cupcake topper for my all time masculine boyish cupcake for Zach. Early this year, Zach’s pre-primary class learnt about the sea and pirates. They even had a dress up day at school were all the boys dressed up in pirate outfits. Of course, my sister-in-law went above and beyond her call of duty and made an amazing pirate costume for Zach. To see a photo of it, please go visit her blog: She is truly amazing!

Anyway, more importantly back to ME, whoops, I mean cupcakes! An hour later, the cupcakes were cooked, cooled and ready for icing. I used my flavour of the month, 2D Wilton nozzle, and piped the vanilla butter cream icing onto the cupcakes into little swirl peaks. Then topped the cupcake off with the pirate topper! As you can see from the photo below, the topper was still a little wet as I had not given it enough time to dry before snapping the camera.

Later that evening, I had to bake another batch of cupcakes for my staff members as I was holding a briefing the next day. Half way through spooning the mixture into the cupcake patties, I realised that I had to make some semi-masculine cupcakes for my male staff members. I wasn’t sure whether they would be comfortable eating dainty, cute bunny cupcakes! So I had to think on my feet and improvise. I still had some pirate cupcake wrappers left, so I decided to use them.

While the cupcakes were baking away, I wasn’t sure how I was going to decorate the male orientated cupcakes as all I had was bunnies! Then it hit me. BAM! Out of no where. I could make masculine bunny pirate cupcakes! So, I took out my edible ink pen and drew eye patches on some of the bunnies.

There you have it! Masculine bunny pirate cupcakes. Aren’t they cute? Oh deary me, I mean aren’t they totally bad ass?!  


  1. you are absolutly fabulous at this!!!!! love the red one with the legs!!!

  2. Thanks Anonymous! Cupcaking is definitely a passion of mine. It is slowly becoming a life style!!