Thursday, 4 October 2012

Being cray cray, pays off!

I am very pleased to say that sometimes a little cray cray pays off. I tweeted my Dan Stevens cupcake to him last night before going to bed at 10.57PM.
I was woken up at 3.45AM by my buzzing phone. At first I thought it was just my alarm going off, but then I noticed it was still pitch black. So in a semiconscious state, I turned over, looked at my phone and noticed a twitter push notification “@danstevens favourited and mentioned you in a tweet”.
My heart did flutter ever so slightly. Ekkkk – Matthew Crawley acknowledged my existence. Yes, I realise that Matthew Crawley is not actually a real person, but in fact a fictional character. And yes, the actor that portrays Matthew Crawley only wrote one word, “delicious”. But still … swoooooooonnnnnnn!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I got the cray cray in me!

I know I have already blogged about this in the past, but I am clearly smitten, so please bear with me! As you know, I heart, heart, heart (times a million and then around the universe twice) Downton Abbey. During our recent trip to the United Kingdom (UK), Brendyn hired a car and drove me to Highclere estate, where Downton Abbey is filmed. Upon entering the estate, I gasped and tears began streaming down my face. And although, I knew I looked like a crazy person, I could not stop myself from crying – I was so overwhelmed with happiness. All Brendyn could do at this point was laugh hysterically and pleaded with me to stop crying because I looked insane.
Being the fool that I am, I did not pre-book my tickets online. So basically it was pot luck whether we would gain admission into the estate. Yes, we drove two hours to Highclere Castle on the whim that we would be able to buy tickets at the gate. Brendyn teased me the entire trip, he kept saying “I beat everyone on the M14 is making their way to Highclere Castle and there will be no tickets left for us”. I had to use all my will power to keep it together. So naturally, once Brendyn managed to park the car, I quickly ditched him and ran (possibly even sprinted) to the ticket booth to purchase tickets and thank the heavens, we were able to buy tickets into the estate!
The estate was as beautiful as I imagined it to be. The gardens were breathtaking and the castle itself was … I cannot even find the words to describe how amazing the castle truly was. I was simply in awe of the entire estate. My stomach is in a state of flutter simply writing about this Downton Abbey experience.
With Downton Abbey season three having started in the UK, my Downton Abbey passion has reignited itself in full swing. Although it has not aired in Australia, the episode recaps and reviews by UK fans have been giving me my Downton Abbey fix! Also, I have recently discovered Downton Abbey fan fiction. Yes, I am one of those people who read fake fan fiction. Please understand that it pains me to admit it, but I am anything but a liar!
So why am I SO obsessed with this fictional television show?! I just love the Matthew and Mary (M/M) love story. I know, how common, how predictable, but it is nevertheless true. I love watching their interactions and their longing grazes. It is the typical heart aching, tear jerking, butterflies in your stomach, love story. Also, I think I may have a little tini tiny high school girl crush on Matthew (portrayed by the swoon worthy Dan Stevens). So I have done what every normal rational high school girl would do (only that I am not a high school girl and I am in my late twenties and should probably know better), I made a Dan Stevens cupcake and tweeted it to him, in hopes to get a response. The fondant topper is of his twitter profile picture.

Does this make me appear a little desperate? Possibly, it is subject to interpretation. Does this make me a crazy stalker? I do not think so. I mean, I have not started writing fan fiction and I have not made youtube video clips of my favourite M/M scenes yet, so until then I do not consider myself as a stalker. But until then (I do not want to rule out the possibility), I think I will continue to walk the fine line between a dedicated fan and boarder line cray cray.
Fingers crossed, I hear from Dan Stevens. And FYI, if I do, I may just stop breathing!