Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cupcake slogan #1

This cupcake slogan came from the fact that in moments of stress, I usually turn to cupcaking. After which I consume the cupcakes! Yes, I am one of those girls that eat their feelings away. In the wise words of Christina Aguilera ,"Don't look at me ..." (for all of you non X-Tina fans, it was the intro to her SMASH HIT Beautiful. And yes, it was a SMASH HIT)!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Odd birthday request …

Today is my colleague friend (not facebook friend), Sam’s 30th birthday. And of course to celebrate this grand momentous occasion I made cupcakes! Not sure why I even bothered making him cupcakes because it is not like we are even friends. Unless, you are facebook friends, you are not really friends! Just saying

Last year, when I was running the “Guess who?” topper competition on my facebook page, where entrants were required to guess who I was making out of fondant, Sam kept guessing Liza Minnelli. It was clearly not Liza Minnelli, it was Nemo! I think it was Nemo’s googly eyes that confused him. Needless to say, Sam did not win the competition. Needless to say, Sam was less than impressed!

Anyway, ever since the competition he has been going on about me making him Liza Minnelli cupcakes for his 30th birthday. And the day has finally come. So …

Happy 30th birthday Sam!
Love, Liza.

Yes, I mimicked Liza Minnelli’s autograph! Because let’s face it, I have too much free time between working full time, baking part time, studying part time (as of yesterday) and being an all-rounder fabulous person all the time!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A cupcake is worth a thousand words ...

I have so much work to do and so little motivation! So what does one do when face with such a situation? Well, muck around on Photoshop until the wee hours of the morning of course! And the above image is the proof of such madness.

I love cupcakes so much! Whether it be eating cupcakes, making cupcakes or watching others enjoy my cupcakes, cupcakes sincerely bring me so much joy! I get all warm and giddy just thinking about cupcakes.

At this very moment in time (and I am not sure whether it is the stress that is talking or the lack of sleep, so bear with me), I feel as though the above image really captures my feelings and passions towards cupcakes. Simple, romantic and delicious!

Cupcakes, I <3 you!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All you need is love …

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope your loved ones spoil you rotten with affection, praise and an abundance of cupcakes.

Love is all you need.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


So I have had a few people ask me about this now and I think it is about time I face the cold harsh reality that I never received a response from Downton Abbey with respect to my “team servant” cupcakes. Yes, I am devastated. Yes, I did tweet it to the correct Downton Abbey twitter account – twice (I was contemplating a third time, but let’s be honest, that would have just been weird and boarder line stalkerish. But this post is totally not!). Yes, I am almost certain there is a plausible reason as to why they have not responded. Yes, I am still madly obsessed with the series. And yes, I am devastated (I know I have already stated this, but I believe my devastation warrants a second mention). Pity me, woes me, FML (and I am not referring to Fluffy, Moist, Light cupcakes)!

The “team servant” cupcakes were not a complete waste of time though! The toppers are a great template design for me in preparation for my Downton Abbey party with my friend Sarah. We are even considering dressing up in costumes and all! Now I am faced with yet another Downton Abbey dilemma, who do I dress up as? It’s not like there is a token Asian character … sigh!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Happy birthday Brendysaurus and Mitchatops!

So it is the husband’s birthday today – the big 2-7! He shares his birthday with an old timer from his high school he calls a “friend”, Mitch. Since they share the same birthday, we normally celebrate their respective birthdays together with their high school crew. Last year, I made Brendyn and Mitch a Bat Mobile cake (let’s be honest, it was more for Brendyn than Mitch, after all, Brendyn is BATMAN). Given that last year’s birthday cake was more for Brendyn than Mitch, I decided to let Mitch pick what cupcake theme he would like this year. He chose “dinosaurs”.

I was a little slow off the mark this morning with my baking as I had to make Brendyn breakfast in bed. Of course we had nothing in the fringe or pantry for me to fix breakfast, so I had to run to the shops, buy the ingredients, get home and cook the birthday boy breakfast. So after that ordeal, I got started on the dinosaur themed cupcakes.

I was not sure who was going to the boozy lunch festivities, but I knew the old school high school crew would be there in full stead: Steve, Hobbs, Brendyn and Mitch! Given that I am not one to make simple cupcakes, I decided to make personalised dinosaur cupcakes. But how does one make personalised dinosaur cupcakes, you ask? Easy - make dinosaurs named after the birthday boys and the party goers. So I made a Stevosaurus, Hobbs-Rex, Brendysaurus and Mitchatops out of fondant. I made little name labels as well, in case the boys got a little confused after consuming a few too many beers (and let’s be honest, they did)!

Boozy lunch was scheduled at 1PM today and I by the time I had finished the toppers it was 11.45AM. At this stage, I still had to make the actual cupcakes and make myself look half decent. So being strapped for time, I decided to whip up a quick batch of vanilla cupcakes. As the cupcakes were cooking and cooling, I was running around the house like a maniac getting ready. I managed to get myself and the cupcakes looking fairly average by 1PM. Although I was not necessary on time, at least I was not too ridiculously late.

Anyway, the boys were not complaining about my tardiness! They loved their personalised dinosaur cupcakes despite being 27 year old grown men.