Sunday, 24 July 2011

All things Rockabilly!

Many months ago, I offered to make my friend, Michelle’s, 21st birthday cake or cupcakes as her birthday present and she accepted my offer. Although there was no consideration, it was an informal contract nevertheless. Well that’s actually not true, as contract between friends and family are presumed to be made without the intention to be legally bound. Anyway, I have digressed, less about law more and more about cupcakes.

Being the main stream person that I am, when I got Michelle’s birthday invitation, I was a little confused. She was having a rockabilly themed party! What the heck is rockabilly? After extensive research, I discovered that rockabilly is not a decade but instead a way of life. Think Dany Zuko (a greaser), the T-Birds and The Pink Ladies (if you have no idea what I am talking about, I am talking about the movie and musical ‘Grease’). Rockabilly is very much still alive and kicking!

I was little nervous about making a rockabilly cake or cupcakes as I had such little knowledge about rockabilly itself. Thankfully the birthday was very kind and sent me a few links of rockabilly symbols. Given that there were a large number of icons associated to rockabilly, I decided to go with cupcakes. Also, as Michelle pointed out it would probably be easier to dish out oppose to a big cake.

So after a fun day of creating rockabilly fondant toppers, making the marble cupcakes, putting all the cupcakes together, I had to dress both myself and my husband to theme. Although, it was a long and somewhat stressful day, It was loads of fun. And here is the proof:


  1. Love it Tina!! You're so clever :-)

  2. Thanks Eb! They were seriously a lot of fun to make. Just like the ones for unwrapped. :)

  3. This is awesome! Love them!

  4. Thanks! As you could have probably guessed, they were super fun to make!