Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Georgetown cupcakes - I want to go to there!

I was recently introduced to the wonderful show that is DC Cupcakes from my hockey playing sister-in-law, Ash, who was introduced to the show from our  sister-in-law, Tenielle. The show is about two sisters who leave their corporate jobs in pursuit of their dreams to open a cupcake bakery. Each episode follows the sisters as they execute baking projects for various customers, ranging from wedding cupcakes to slot machines dispensing cupcakes! Some of their cupcake work, sorry I stand corrected, ALL of their work is amazing. 

Not only is show good value, the sisters' cupcake bakery Georgetown Cupcake is absolutely beautiful. Very slick and simple, yet extremely elegant. The way they display their cupcakes is simply breathtaking. When I saw the photo below, I just sighed in disbelief at the cupcake beauty that was before me.

I usually don't like to disclose to people what I will be baking, in the event that my baking adventure becomes a baking disaster. But after watching an episode of DC Cupcakes where the audience is shown how to do the Georgetown Cupcake 'signature swirl', I just have to give it ago! I will report back to you and let you know how I go over the weekend. If you are interested in viewing the 'signature swirl' in action, please watch the below video:

Oh my goodness, Georgetown cupcakes - I want to go to there! I guess in the interim, I have DC Cupcakes to keep me occupied. 

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