Monday, 18 July 2011

This phase to me is like a piping nozzle to an icing bag!

I go through phases with all aspects of my life. Some phases are fairly tamed and boring, where as others are more extreme. To provide you with an example, from 2001 to 2005 my favourite colour was pink. Everything I owned, wore, ate and drank had to be pink. I use to wear a whole ensemble of pink clothing while eating a pink iced donut and drinking a carton of pink strawberry milk. I kid you not (although, I do wish I was kidding)! But yes, the purpose of this hideously embarrassing story is to demonstrate the fact that I go through phases.

So, is my passion and devotion to cupcakes a phase? My goodness I hope not. I adore cupcakes way too much. I can’t imagine waking up one morning and not liking cupcakes as much as I do. Having said that, I use to think that I would always love pink and now when I look at my fluoro pink cord pants, all I do is cringe. 

Anyway, some of you may have notice that I tend to pipe icing onto my cupcakes using simular techniques. I tend to use the fairly stock standard swirl icing motion and pipe the icing into little swirl towers of yum – cupcake phase one. However, I have recently discovered a new nozzle, Wilton 2D. This nozzle is a-a-a-mazing – cupcake phase two.

I believe that the Wilton 2D nozzle enhances the icing’s texture and to a degree taste. As you can see from the image below, the tip of the nozzle is somewhat large in comparison to the ends of the nozzle. The icing that is pushed through the thinner portion of the nozzle is thinner and subsequently creates a more fluffy texture.

Not only does it in my opinion enhance the taste of the icing, this nozzle also pipes icing into a beautiful pattern. For instance, you could pipe roses on the top of your cupcakes using this nozzle. I am in process of perfecting the art of piping icing into the shape of a rose. I am experiencing trouble with how to end off the rose. If you know of a good youtube video teaching this, please send it my way! Please find below my chocolate and vanilla rose cupcakes I made over the weekend.  

So, will I stick to the Wilton 2D indefinitely? Unlikely, it is probably just a phase. So does that mean that cupcakes are just a phase? Absolutely not! I really do love cupcakes. If I am not baking cupcakes, I am blogging about cupcakes, and if I am not blogging about cupcakes, I am talking about my blog which is about cupcakes. My goodness, I live a somewhat sad cupcake existence.

If my obsession for cupcakes is just a phase it is going to stick for a very long time, definitely for the foreseeable future and far, far beyond.

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