Saturday, 30 July 2011

Can you feel the love tonight?

I am currently sitting on the couch watching the Lion King (my favourite Walt Disney movie of all time). It is an all time classic. I cry at least twice every time I watch it - when Mufasa dies and when Simba and Nala reunite. I am welling up at the mere thought of it. You are probably thinking that I made Lion King themed cupcakes or something along those lines, but sadly I did not. But I did make cupcakes this weekend though!

This weekend, for the first time, I made Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I must admit, I do have my reservations about Red Velvet cupcakes, mostly regarding the amount of red colouring that is required to get that deep red shade. When putting the cupcake mixture together, it looked as though Elmo jumped in my food processor and went for a swing (a violent swing that is)!

All in all, it was an okay batch of cupcakes. I am not an avid fan of the Red Velvet cupcakes, they were 'nice', but I would much prefer a traditional vanilla or chocolate cupcake instead. Call me boring, but I guess I just like to kick it old school.

One aspect I particularly like about the Red Velvet cupcakes is that the cupcakes have such a romantic look and feel. I guess the deep red colouring gives the allure of love and romance. For instance, have a look at the cupcake I made below.

I actually made the Red Velvet cupcakes for my long time friend, Syb's, surprise birthday party. I am not entirely sure why I made heart, flower and owl toppers. But I did! I saw these cupcake toppers, designed by Blue Cupcake, way back and really liked them. And for some reason, I woke up on Saturday morning and decided to make them! And here we are.

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