Saturday, 9 July 2011

Was the cupcake from Delicious delicious?

Sadly no, the cupcake was very average. The first issue with the cupcake was it came out warm. Yes, warm. Don’t get me wrong, I am not adverse to the idea of a warm cake, but a warm cupcake is a little odd in my opinion. Serving the cupcake warm made the base of the cupcake quite moist and overall quite tasty.  However, this meant that the icing was extremely runny. This made me quite sad as one of my favourite aspects of a cupcake is that you can pull apart the cupcake wrapper and eat the cupcake straight out of your own hands. At delicious you could not, I had to use a spoon.

The second issue with the Delicious cupcake (i.e. the cupcake from Delicious, not that the cupcake was delicious) was that it was too big. It was about 50% bigger than the average cupcake. It was a bit too much. After eating the entire cupcake I did feel a little sicky, tummy ouchies to be more specific! This aspect of the cupcake was particularly not cool! I know you are probably thinking that I should have stopped eating the darn cupcake if I was full and felt sick, but my inner stingy Asian told me to keep going. Who am I to fight my heritage?!

Anyway, the decor of the cafe made up for the lack of tasty cupcakes.

Delicious, your cupcakes were not delicious! Not only is this false advertising but it left me sad and empty inside. Please rectify this situation ASAP.

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