Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Baking melt downs

As I am sure you have already guessed, I am very passionate about baking. I get extremely upset when things don't go well in the kitchen. I have been known to cry a few times and spit the dummy many times. To make it worse, when I bake I generally think in Vietnamese and speak to myself (yes, out loud) in Vietnamese. So, when things don't go according to plan in the kitchen, I tend to yell at myself in Vietnamese! If you haven't heard Vietnamese spoken before, it can be quite confronting. It tends to be quite loud and sharp, and extremely fast paced. Brendyn always thinks I am having an argument with my mum when we talk - most of the time we are just talking about our day... the rest of the time we are fighting! I joke, I love my mummy dearly.

Anyway, this post isn't about my Vietnamese heritage. It actually isn't about cupcakes either. It is about the extent of my passion for making baked goods, and my obsessive compulsive, perfectionist nature!

Last year, a few weeks before Brendyn and I got married, I volunteered to make our two good uni friend's birthday cake (for their joint birthday party). We decided to make a Babar cake. Anyway, Brendyn hates being late for events and I hate things not being 110% perfect. As always, I didn't give myself enough time to bake and so we were running terribly late to the party. Once I had cut the slab of cake and put the fondant icing on top, Brendyn wanted to leave. I asked him (perhaps I might have yelled, kicking and screaming ... perhaps...who remember these things honestly?!) to clean the board that the cake was on because it was smudged. He found it too difficult and said "darling, it's fine. No one will notice the smudge any way"! OMG! FML! Not LOL! I went bonkers, bridezilla crazy! Was it entirely rational? Probably not. But you see, I just love baking so much, and want every baking creation to be perfect, and if things don't go according to plan, I lose my marbles and have a melt down. Poor Brendyn - he has to deal with it every time. Every baking adventure of mine is an adventure for him, in which his challenge is to avoid the objects I've just thrown at him.

Ah, he chose to marry me and all my wonderful characteristics and multiple personalities. 


  1. The cake was amazing! And I don't even remember you guys arriving particularly late :)

  2. Thanks Beth! Glad you liked the cake. We were a little bit (a lot, perhaps?) late. ;)