Friday, 15 July 2011

Miss Malaysia, thank goodness you are pretty ...

... because sadly your cupcakes were fairly average. What is the point of being pretty, if your cupcakes aren’t pretty?! Honestly, what a sad state of affairs.

A former Miss Universe contender from Malaysia opened up a cupcake store in Malaysia, called Cupcake Chic. While holidaying in Malaysia, I visited the store located in the Pavilion shopping mall. There was quite a large selection of cupcake flavours available, but sadly no raspberry flavour cupcake! I was quite devo. In my state of devastation, I decided to go with something simple, so I chose a vanilla cupcake. Unsurprisingly, Brendyn chose a choc-mint flavoured cupcake. I didn’t eat the cupcake right then and there, as Brendyn and I had just had a big lunch. I took on an American chilli dog and at that stage ... let’s just say the chilli dog was barking, howling in fact. I wanted to give the cupcakes the attention it deserved, so I brought my cupcakes and waited until I returned back to the hotel before I made my assessment.

I tend to find that Asian baked goods are not overly sweet. They tend to caution on the side of bland than sweet. Given that Cupcake Chic is made for the Malaysian market, I found that it followed the Asian bake good style - not very sweet and a little bit bland. The vanilla and choc-mint cupcake (I may have eaten Brendyn’s cupcake also, but who remembers these things?!) bases itself was quite enjoyable, although a little dense. As you know, I like my cupcake bases to be ultra fluffy to the max! Unfortunately, the icing was nothing to rave about. It lacked flavour and had no punch. Which is disappointing because in my opinion the icing is the hero of the cupcake and without good icing, it’s just a sad cupcake.

When it comes to cupcakes, I am very superficial. I am all about the looks baby! Half the taste of the cupcake comes from the way it looks. Being a former Miss Universe contender, I would have thought that Cupcake Chic would have agreed with me. Sadly, the look of the cupcakes did not tickle my fancy. But hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’ll let you be the judge. Here is a photo of a box of personalise cupcakes on display. 

One aspect that I quite liked about Cupcake Chic was their marketing techniques.  The cupcakes were given quirky names. For instance, vanilla cupcakes were called ‘Back to basics’ and the choc-mint cupcakes were called ‘After dinner mints’. I thought this was a nice touch and quite cute. Also, I really liked the little carry box that the cupcakes came in.

Oh my goodness! I just realised that I am like an Asian bake good – not very sweet and little bit bland.  

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