Thursday, 21 July 2011

Topper envy

I pride myself on making unique handmade cupcake toppers. Whether out of fondant or chocolate, cupcake toppers are my thing! Hence, the name ‘top the cupcake’. However, a few weeks ago when I visited my favorite baking supply store, Cake Tinz and Thingz, I noticed some cupcake toppers that they sell weren't made out of fondant or chocolate. What was this mysterious product?! I purchased a few pony toppers to take home to research and, of course, to make pony cupcakes for my Mini Mousey!

After extensive research, I realised that it was made from royal icing! I have never made or worked with royal icing before! Just when I thought I was on top of my cupcake baking game, I realised that I’m really not. There is still so much to learn and explore in the wonderful world that is cupcakes! I just wish I had more time.  

To make myself feel better over the weekend I decided to make fondant cupcake toppers. I wanted to try and mimic the cupcake toppers I purchased from Cake Tinz and Thingz. But it was too hard. So I found myself a play doh lid with a pony imprint and made the below pony cupcake topper instead. I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

This morning, I got into work super-duper early. To ease myself into the working day, I decided to flick through a number of cupcake flickr groups that I recently joined. After 15 minutes, I was in tears (seriously tears were streaming down my face)! My goodness, there are so many beautiful cupcake designers out there (‘out there’ being globally). I just felt so overwhelmingly JEALOUS of their work! Seriously, if you have time, visit ‘cupcakes take the cake’ flickr group ( or blog ( and you will soon see what I mean.  

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