Friday, 22 July 2011

The more silicon the better!

I know people say less is more, but when it's comes to silicon, more is better! The more silicon bouncing around, the better I say.

I was first introduced to the wonders of silicon by my sister in law and follow blogger, Adelyn (Baroque Moments). She and Zachary gave me some star silicon bake moulds for my 22nd birthday. Although, they are very cool, I haven't used them too often due to the fact that you can't put a cupcake patty in them. However, I did put them to good use last year to bake little star cupcakes for the Starlight Charity Bake Off I mentioned a few blog post ago.

My next silicon purchase was silicon cupcake/muffin moulds and tray. The pretty coloured individual ones are really handy for mini quiches and custard tarts (Yes, believe it or not, I do bake things beyond cupcakes. I don't like to admit it. But I do!). The silicon cupcake tray is amazing. The way cupcake patties sit within the tray is just perfect. The cupcakes come out all tall and perfectly round - simply perfection. I would definitely recommend everyone to purchase a silicon cupcake tray or two! I have four and considering to purchase an additional two. What can I say, I love silicon!

Last year, I went to visit two very dear friends of mine who both lived in Canberra at the time, Koko butter and Ms wee! Koko and I share the same passion for cupcakes and decided to go out in search for cupcakes one afternoon. Little did we know, it end up being a small little road trip to Cherry Seed. By the time we got there, there was only top deck cupcakes left (chocolate base with white chocolate icing and topped off with a top deck chocolate of course). From memory, the cupcake was moist and quite tasty. Given we ate the cupcake at the end of the day, the cupcake had loss a bit of its bounce, i.e. fluffiness, but still nevertheless quite delicious.

The best thing about the little road trip was the stores within the complex that the cupcake store was located. There was this little gift store that had just the most adorable things, including baking utensils, such as silicon chocolate moulds. I ended up buying a baby and dinosaur chocolate moulds to make cupcake toppers.

NOTE: You will read about the rose moulds shortly.

And I will tell you what, they make pretty darn cute toppers. I used the dinosaur moulds for a batch of Zachary's kindy class' fundraising last year. It was devastating, the teachers ended up selling my cupcakes for one dollar each! I swear the ingredients cost me more to make then the money raised from them. I should I have donated the twenty five bucks and kept my three hours of additional sleep! Ah well, hindsight is a beautiful thing.

To top it all off, last year for my birthday my friend and fellow baker, Jodie, gave me rose silicon chocolate mould. And in return, on her birthday I made her a set of white chocolate mud cupcakes using the rose moulds. They turned out pretty cute.

Well this turned out to be quite a long post. I am nacked (nacked, not naked), peace out.

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