Monday, 22 August 2011

You can leave your top on!

Actually, I strongly encourage you to put a top-top-topper on. Cupcakes that are simply decorated with icing with no topper or sprinkles just look sad. It pains me to see. I am sure if cupcakes had feelings, they would feel sad too! Having said that if the icing is piped or spread beautifully to form an image or a bouquet of cupcake flowers or something of a similar nature, then I guess I could turn a blind eye. I guess.

Yes, I am obsessed with toppers! But it's not a bad way to be, if you ask me. For me, half the fun of my baking adventures is the time taken to make the fondant decoration. I love seeing the lump of white fondant transform into all things cute. I have said it before and I will say it again, anything is possible in the wonderful world that fondant.

I can honestly spend hours on end in my own little fondant world. A few weekends ago, Brendyn spent the Saturday playing golf, so I had the whole house to myself (and Abby dog of course). And it was WONDERFUL! I spent the day in my jam jams and made fondant toppers all day long.

What did I have to show for my lazy day in? A 100 plus toppers - yikles! But in all seriousness, it was out of this world crazy fun times! Some one call the police because I am out of control. BAM!

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