Friday, 5 August 2011

Hot or not?!

I wish there was a webpage where people could rate whether your cupcakes are hot or not. If such a site existed, it would save me from countless hours of internal debate with myself. If there is a site rating people, why not cupcakes?!

As you know, I am an avid supporter of edible cupcake toppers. I usually make fondant toppers, but this can take up quite a bit of time as you not only have to colour the fondant, but you also have to mould it into the desired shape. So I always get a little bit excited to top my cupcake with edible things other than fondant toppers. Is this cheating? I don't know. I don't think so. I mean you are still decorating your cupcakes yourself, but with things that are already pre-made. I think it makes you efficient, not necessarily a cheater. 

Alas, I have digressed. Anyway, a number of weeks ago I went to a cute little cafe called Hoopla in South Perth. I naturally gravitated towards the cupcakes they had on display. The cupcakes were cute and were decorated with Licorice All Sorts. When I first saw the cupcakes, I wasn't entirely sure whether I liked it or not. Was it hot or not?!

This week after dropping by my in laws place with a batch of cupcakes, I noticed a packet of opened Licorice All Sorts (a staple in the house). So to settle this internal debate once and for all, I decided to mimic the Hoopla Licorice All Sorts cupcake design.

So, is it hot or not?! The verdict is out and it's got my vote - definitely HOT to TROT!


  1. Not sure... but do you have the Women's Weekly Best Ever Cupcakes book? It's smallish, square format, $24.95. It has squillions of different flavours, all beautifully decorated, with no fondant in site. Some really clever uses of other edibles. I recommend grabbing a copy to liberate yourself from fondant ;)

  2. I actually do own the book. I haven't looked at it in a while, so I might just have to for some inspiration. Thanks for the idea Claire.