Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nothing says ‘Thank You’ quite as much as something edible

What can I say? I am simple girl living in my own little simple world and in my opinion, nothing says ‘Thank You’ quite as much as something edible. I am not one to fuss over flowers or cards as such, but give me food of some variety and I am your girl. Yes, I am a cheap date. I hope I haven’t offended anyone who has given me flowers in the past – I did appreciate them! But if I was asked point blank whether I would like a big bouquet of flowers or a say a pink glaze donut (insert drool here), I would have to go the donut hands down!

I must admit, I have challenged everything that Brendyn has learnt over time about women! He was never quite sure why I was never impressed by the big bouquets of flowers he would send me. But yet I would jump with glee when he would come visit me with a KFC bucket of chicken (it had to be original chicken, not hot and spicy – the original chicken skin is so much more tastier and did I mention juicier?!). All this KFC talk is making me hungry ...

Moving on swiftly, Brendyn has since learnt that the way to my heart is through my tummy. To thank me last week for being the wonderful baking human being that I am, he brought me a single rose. Not just any old rose, a chocolate rose. Yes, ladies and gents, a rose that you can eat. I did wee my pants a little when he gave it to me. And do you blame me?!

Anyway, there is a cupcake point to my KFC weeing madness, to thank some amazing volunteers who assisted me with my work I decided to thank them through cupcakes. I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes and decorated them to say ‘Thank You’. I love making cupcakes that spell out things because you can rearrange the cupcakes to spell out different funny (potentially rude) things. 

 Please take note of my chocolate rose taking pride of place!

So next time, show people you actually care and say ‘Thank You’ through something edible.


  1. You guys crack me up! So cute! Totally agree Ms Bangs! ;) Give me food presents any day! :) Nic x

  2. Thanks Crash Bandi-Cute (ps. I still love the name)! You know me - I heart my food.