Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Go fish!

I went shopping with Zachy over the weekend at Spotlight. When we passed the baking aisle, he saw a packet of fish sprinkles (well actually, the fish were a little bigger than sprinkle size but too small to be topper size). Anyway, despite the fish sprinkles/toppers (to be confirm) unusual size, Zach loved them and wanted me to buy them to make fish cupcakes. After looking at the fish sprinkles/toppers price, I decided not to purchase the sprinkles/toppers but instead make my own. I promise Zach that I would make him fishing cupcakes and the next day, I did.

My first idea was to make a fondant person hold a fishing rod and have a fish hang on the end of the rod. Although the idea was good in theory, it looked a little dodgy! If you are not over the age of 18, please scroll down and do not look at the photo below.

Wanting to keep my blog fairly G rated or at least PG rated, I decided to make a censored batch. So instead, I scrapped the idea of a fondant person and instead only made little rods with a fish hanging on the end. I then stuck those fishing rods in the cupcake directly.

They were so simple to make and Zach was quite impressed with my fishing efforts. So all in all, a fairly successful baking adventure.

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