Tuesday, 30 August 2011


The three elements combined to make a perfect cupcake - Fluffy, Moist and Light (FML)!

I know of some people who perfer a dense cupcake, but in my opinion I think these people are crazy. How can a person prefer a dense cupcake to a FML cupcake of joy?!

It has taken me a while, but I think I have discovered the secret to making a FML cupcake! I use to think that if you beat the mixture for long enough, it would make the cupcake fluffy. But I have since discovered that this is not the case. If you over beat the mixture, it actually has the opposite effect, it makes the cupcake dense.

So after extensive research and experimenting, I have discovered that in order to make a FML cupcake, one has to beat the butter, sugar and eggs for an extensive period of time. Basically, you can never over beat the butter, sugar and eggs. However, once you have added flour and milk to the mixture, you want to beat the mixture as little as possible. That is, stop beating the moment the flour and milk is combined.

From my extensive research, I have discovered that if you over beat the mixture once the flour and milk has been added, the air is let out of the mixture. I wonder why beating the butter, sugar and eggs adds air to the mixture and yet, when you beat the flour and milk into the mixture, the air is let out? Very odd. But nevertheless, it works! I swear by it. Give it a go and let me know.

Hmmm, darn, now I feel like a cupcake! FML!


  1. Haha sorry Tina but all my american friends always say FML for f**k my life! So as I was reading this I kept reading about your f**k my life cupcakes ;)

  2. Miss Tina, I do believe that the reason the mixture becomes less 'airy' if you beat for too long after adding the flour and milk is because as soon as you add flour (and it becomes wet), the baking powder in the self-raising flour activates, creating bubbles of air in the mixture. If you continue beating, these bubbles are released and can't give your cupcakes that wonderful FMLness! (see http://uk.ask.com/question/how-does-self-raising-flour-work-as-a-raising-agent ;) B xx

  3. Yes, I kept thinking the same thing when I was writing the post - F My Life. Needless to say, the post didn't make much sense when writing it.

    Thanks Miss Bernie. You are definitely not just a pretty face. xx