Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Daddy’s always right, listen to your daddy.

Apologises for my lack of blogging these past few days. It appears as though I have come down with a cold/flu type sickness. Sad but true. I called my daddy a few days ago to tell him that I wasn’t feeling well and he was beside himself with concern (yes, I am my daddy’s little girl; yes, I like to play up to it; yes, I am too old to be referring to myself as my daddy’s little girl). He made me promise to call him every day after to give him an update on my health, which I willing obliged.  What made me giggle was every time I called him this week, he ended the conversation with “Do not bake any cupcakes. Do not eat any cupcakes. Call me tomorrow!” I love it how well my daddy knows me. Despite being sick as a dog this past week, I am still craving cupcakes! Vanilla cupcakes in particular.

Being the good daughter that I am, I have listened to my daddy and not baked or touched a cupcake. Like a good little girl, I listened to my daddy and I have had ample rest, lots of water and plenty of vitamin C. However, he never said not to blog about cupcakes, so based on a technicality, here I am blogging!

Since I am unable to bake or eat cupcakes, I have decided to blog in retrospect about one of my cupcake visit to the adorable cafe that is Sherbet.

There were quite a few cupcake choices on offer at Sherbet on the Sunday that I had visited, but I couldn’t resist the look of their raspberry cupcake. The raspberry cupcake was nice. The cupcake itself was quite moist and flavoursome. I would have liked an additional one or two raspberries in the cupcake itself as the raspberry flavouring was a little faint. The raspberry icing, like the cupcake, was also nice (my goodness, I really need to learn more adjectives if I want to be up there with the likes of food critics such as my beloved Manu Feildel). Unlike my cupcakes, the icing to cupcake ratio was quite tamed at Sherbet as the icing was spread on. The icing was perfect, not too sweet and packed with raspberry flavour. The only issue was there wasn’t enough of it! And to top it off, each raspberry cupcake was topped off with a little raspberry jelly candy. Short, simple and sweet.

So did the Sherbet cupcake rocked my world and knocked off my socks off? I am afraid not. It was a pleasant experience, an experience that I wouldn’t mind reliving. But I can’t say it changed my cupcake perspective on life.


  1. Manu is HOT. I totally agree. -Mayy

  2. No where as good as yours Tina. Glad to hear you take notice of you Daddy. He is a very wise man