Thursday, 9 June 2011

The bee all and end all ...

One of my favourite places to eat cupcakes in Perth at the moment is Baby Cakes. I usually visit the store on Wanneroo Road in Yokine, which is conveniently just around the corner from me. I was first introduced to Baby Cakes after attending a birthday party which was stocked with their cupcakes as far as the eye could see! I automatically developed an affinity with their cute little flower cupcakes.

Liking Baby Cakes’ cupcakes so much, I decided to use them for my and Brendyn’s engagement party. I ordered a batch of my favourite mini pink flower cupcakes. But as with any good party, I had to make sure the engagement party had a theme, and more importantly make sure the theme was carried through all facets of the party! Long story short - Brendyn and I met after I got stung by a bee. Being the rational level headed person that I am, I was concerned that I might need to be rushed into hospital, like a scene from ER. Instead of calling triple zero, he said “She’ll be right – go get yourself an ice pack”! What a romantic!

Okay, so back to cupcakes. We had a bee themed engagement party. FYI - we also carried the bee theme through to our wedding. To “bee” in line with the all important theme (my goodness, I crack myself up sometimes!), I had to make my own vanilla cupcakes and bee toppers. At this stage, I had not entered into the wonderful world of fondant, so I decided to make shortbread cookies in bee shapes. I was unable to find a bee cookie cutter, so I had to mould the cookie dough into bee shapes by hand.

The cupcake platter turned out fantastic! The mini pink flower cupcakes from Baby Cakes looked great next to my mini white vanilla cupcakes with bee shortbread cookies.


  1. They were amazing! I think I took like ten spare bee bickies home with me in my hand bag :O !

  2. Glad you liked them T! Come back to Perth already and let's have a baking session. Then perhaps a gym session?