Tuesday, 1 November 2011

For the dog lovers (on core)

Cakes Around Town (baking supply store based in Queensland) is currently running a cake pop competition on its facebook page. The competition is open until Thursday, 10 November, so if you live in Australia and like to make cake pops, make sure you enter! The lucky winner wins $250 worth of cake popping goodness. Actually scrap that, don’t enter because that will increase me chances of winning!

As I am relatively new to the wonderful world of cake pops, I didn’t have anything too impressive to enter. So I spent last week thinking up cake pop ideas that I could make to enter the competition. I was very strategic with my cake pop approach. I am not sure whether I should admit this, but here goes nothing: I looked at my blog statistics to see what post had the most hits and believe it or not, it was the post regarding my puppy dog cupcakes, i.e. ‘For the dog lovers’. So it appears that there are more dog lovers in the world then I had thought! So I thought to myself, if my puppy dog cupcakes are getting the most hits, naturally puppy dog cake pops would get the same about of hits and hopefully be a competitive entry in the cake pop competition.

Given that I have already made the puppy dog toppers in the past, I didn’t think I would have any troubles. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Given that the puppy dog toppers were made out of fondant, I thought I would do the same for the cake pops. I made all my decorative dog features out of fondant first. I then used left over vanilla cupcakes to make my cake balls, which I dipped into melted white chocolate. So far, so good. However, when it came to sticking on the fondant dog features on to the cake pops, the cake popping process quickly took a turn for the worst. Once I stuck on the fondant dog features, the melted chocolate went everywhere and anywhere. It started to drip off the cake pop, down the pop stick and all over the fondant features. I had to work quickly to smooth out the chocolate and wipe it off the fondant features as the melted chocolate started to set. Needless to say, this baking adventure did involve cursing of some kind. 

Although it was not as easy as I thought, I got there in the end and the final product was pretty darn cute. To keep with theme, I decided to photograph the cake pops outside and have Abby’s kennel in the background. As I was photographing the cake pops, Abby kept coming in and out of her kennel. So I decided to use her cute looks to further promote the cake pops. After much bribery of smackos, I manage to get her to sit still for the photograph. And here we have it.

Fingers crossed my crazy competitve ways pays off annd my puppy dog cake pops make it into the final round of the cake pop competition. Will keep you posted.


  1. These are FANTASTIC. Definitely my favourites so far. But I am a dog person.

  2. Thanks Clare! Despite not being a dog person myself, I think they are pretty cute too!