Friday, 28 October 2011

Think quick, think pink!

Like most girls, I like the colour pink (as you could probably gather from my blog page). For a good period of my life, I liked pink so much that I only wore pink. How I wish I was joking. Everything had to be pink! When I tell people this, they simply just laugh it off because they must think this was a phase I went through as a child. But what these people do not realise is that this phase was for a decent chunk of my life when I should have known better. In fact, this phased started from when I was 16 to about 20. Yes, I was a 20 year old who wore only PINK. For instance, check out this pink ensemble:

Please note the glitter pink top, pink skirt, pink shoes and to top it all off a pink scarf, of course! This photo was taken when I was 16 (at the start of the pink craze). I looked cute, in a pink over the top sort of way.

This post is not supposed to be about my love for pink, but instead something far more important. In Australia during the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness is promoted. At a national level, the profile colour for Breast Cancer awareness is PINK!

Every year without fail, one of the departments at my work organises a bake sale to fundraise for this great cause. To assist in the fundraising, I made pink cake pops. Yes, I made cake pops over cupcakes – I am clearly a bad person!

But not just any old bland cake pop (because I am not bland and have never been called bland … well that is not true, but that is a story for another day). The cake pops were pink on the outside and guess what … pink on the inside.

So in order to make the pink cake mixture, I did have to use pink food colouring. As you know, I prefer to use as little food colouring as possible in my baking, since it is not very good for you (Yes, I realise how ironic this statement is, given I am the picture of health who eats an abundance of fast food and baked treats on a regular basis). However, this was for a good cause, so I was willing to comprise.

So think quick, think pink and support Breast Cancer Awareness. In my case, think quick and do not wear so much pink!


  1. Those are super-gorgeous. Bet they outshone everything else at the bake sale!

  2. They're adorable - I love the drizzle of pink icing!

  3. Oh, there were so many delicious cakes and cupcakes on sale! It was a yumma of a day!

    The drizzle of pink was a little harder than I expected. I got a little excited and may have got pink chocolate on everything in the kitchen.