Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Help me, help you!

Great news everyone – we have made progress since my last blog post! It is with great pleasure for me to inform you that I am no longer sitting on 6 votes. Phew!  
I am now coming SECOND in the Cakes Around Town Cake Pop competition. Thank you to all who have voted! I am only 5+ votes (I know FIVE VOTES – what a nail biter) behind first place and the competition closes tomorrow at 1PM (WST). Please help me get across the line by clicking on this link and vote for me (10. Dog pops):

Please help me and in turn I will help you (not exactly sure how I will do that, but I promise to think about it…).
Thanks to all the people who have shared links on their facebook page to earn me some votes. I greatly appreciate it.

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