Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cupcakes for a cause!

Brendyn and I attended a quiz night tonight. I usually loathe the idea of quiz nights because I tend to lack in the area of general knowledge. But let me assure you, what I lack in general knowledge, I make up in cupcaking ability! Brendyn on the other hand is a wizz at all things general knowledge - he has a sponge for a brain. Nevertheless, I made an exception to this particular quiz night because it was for a great cause, the Oxfam East Africa appeal. In fact, it is such a great cause that I donated a box of Oxfam cupcakes for a silent auction.

Through out the night I was concerned that no one would bid on my cupcakes. At one stage, I was so worried that Brendyn offered to put a silent bid of $10, so at least the cupcakes would get sold! Lucky a generous man bid on the cupcakes and Brendyn was out of the hot seat.

Despite my disdain for quiz nights, I really enjoyed myself tonight! We were in great company, the food was fantastic and I even contributed a few answers here and there. All in all, a great night! My golly gosh, look at the time - it is way past my bed time (and it is a school night)!

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