Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy Melbourne Cup!

Apparently, the Melbourne Cup is the race that stops the nation (the Australian nation that is) once a year on the first Tuesday of November. I am not that big on horse racing personally, but I do appreciate the opportunity to wear a nice dress and hat. Oh, and the extended lunch break you get at work to watch the big race and to stuff your face with catered cocktail food (hmm...deep fried goodness). Anyway, enough about deep fried food as it is after all only 8AM and back to the story, I love any opportunity to wear hats, particularly because my face shape does not permit me to wear hats at the best of times as it makes me look somewhat like an idiot. But you see, Melbourne Cup is probably one of the opportunities where I can wear a hat and be judged somewhat less. I am sure people still think I look somewhat like an idiot, but at least they probably think “Oh, that idiot looking girl in the hat is trying to make an effort, how sweet”. 

At my work place this year, we decided that everyone should bring in a plate of food to share for the grand event. So sadly, no catered deep fried food this year. So naturally, being the cupcake obsessed person that I am, I volunteered to bring in cupcakes! As you are aware, this catered perfectly for my need and love for cupcake themes. So, I made Melbourne Cup cupcakes.

I woke up early this past Tuesday to make the cupcakes before work. I was so excited how the cupcakes turned out that I woke Brendyn up at 7AM in excitement and wished him a “Happy Melbourne Cup”. For some reason, he was not that enthused. I may or may not have picked a fight with him because he did not wish me a “Happy Melbourne Cup” in return – who knows these things?!

Happy Melbourne Cup! Hope you backed a winner.

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