Friday, 18 November 2011

Winners are grinners!

We won the Cakes Around Town Cake Pop Competition 2012 (I say ‘we’ because it really was a team effort)! We ended up with approximately 290 votes. Can I get a "whoo hoo"?!

I learnt a number of things from entering this competition. Not only am I uber competitive but Brendyn, our family and our friends are just as competitive! It was insane. People were sharing the Facebook link to everyone and anyone. Basically anyone who was on Facebook chat during the four days of voting was not safe from our spamming!

I also learnt that Brendyn and I should never enter into competitions again! We get way too invested into it. Despite saying this, we really did have a lot of fun becayse veryone got so into it! Seems that our family and friends are just as crazy competitive as Brendyn and I. People were asking for hourly updates of how many votes we had accumulated!

Despite the craziness, we got through and we won a $250 cake pop hamper. And now I have to use my winning to make cake pops for those who voted for me! Oh dear ... now I am second guessing whether this was a good promise to make.

But in all seriousness, thank you to all the people who took time to vote and those who asked their family and friends to help. I am very touched by your support and encouragement.

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