Saturday, 8 October 2011

A cupcake a day...

A number of schools in Australia and the USA have banned cupcakes in an attempt to fight obesity. As a former obese child and avid cupcake lover, I am outraged by such news. If cupcakes are no longer permitted at schools, how am I going to show off my cupcake creations and where on earth am I going to get my cupcake praise fix from?! Totes devo.

Furthermore, doctors are suggesting we should not consume more than one cupcake a day. Apparently a regular size cupcake can contain anywhere between 250 to 600 calories. Well, my response to that is: they are just so DARN TASTY! Everything we consume contains calories, you might as well make those calories count and eat something delicious. And so what if it contains an extra calorie or two!

Being the health conscious person that I am, I feel obliged to listen to doctors’ recommendations.  So, if we are only allowed one cupcake a day, I am going to oblige. From now on, I am only going to eat one cupcake a day, one GIANT cupcake that is (like the one I made for my Cupcake Picnic). The giant cupcake is at least 50 times bigger than a regular size cupcake, but nevertheless it is after all just ONE cupcake.

You know what they say, a cupcake a day keeps the doctors away!

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