Thursday, 20 October 2011

Triple the salt, sugar and fun!

 A few weeks ago one of my best friends, koko butter, was back in town! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I made a cupcake in his honour. As he is sickly sweet and has a sickly sweet tooth, I knew I had to make something involving caramel. So I made something that is currently a massive craze in the USA (and I think has been for quite some time), salted caramel cupcakes. But not just any salted caramel cupcakes, but TRIPLE salted caramel cupcakes.

I followed a recipe published by a follow online baker blogger, Sprinkle Bakes. Here is the link to the recipe.  The triple salted caramel cupcakes were somewhat difficult to make as there was so many components to the cupcakes! The salted caramel cupcake base, the caramel cupcake filling and the salted caramel cupcake frosting. And it was particularly difficult due to the fact that I burnt the caramel cupcake filling twice. After having burnt the filling the second time, I was beyond caring and decided to use the filling anyway as is, in its burnt state and all!

So was it a HIT or a MISS? In my opinion, it was just too sickly sweet. I could barely eat one. However, koko butter did love it and I guess that is the most important thing (other than me of course)! Other people who had one also found the experience some what enjoyable. Because I am selfish, I doubt I would make this cupcake again, as I didn’t like all the components together. Having said that, I will definitely make the caramel cupcake filling again! It tasted like sticky date pudding sauce and we all know my love for sticky date pudding.

The below photo was taken the day after I had made the cupcakes. Yes, I served a day old cupcake – fo’ shame! Special thanks to my sexy hand model, Sarah. 

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