Monday, 3 October 2011

One thousand cupcakes, anyone?

It has become quite the routine now that when Monday comes along, I realise that I have not blogged all week. I know my fall back excuse is that I am always so busy with work, family, friends … blah, blah, blah, whatever. But this week I do have a legitimate excuse, I was busy planning my cupcake picnic! Not that I need an excuse to organise a cupcake picnic, but the reason behind this event was to celebrate my birthday (many, many months ago).

The original plan was to host the party at Kings Park as I thought it would be a fabulous spring day. Turns out I was wrong (very rare occurrence, may I add), as winds and possible rain was forecasted to begin in the afternoon. So sadly, I had to move the party to my humble abode. In hindsight, it was probably the better option as I was able to bake ample cupcakes and did not have to worry about transporting them.

For this grand event I made one giant cupcake, one large bouquet of cupcake flowers, one hundred cake pops and ONE THOUSAND mini cupcakes (10 flavours to choose from).

If you would like to view more photos, I will be uploading photos on to my facebook page later this evening. Thank you to Bernie and Michelle for their mad photography skills!

The cupcake choices available on the day were:
1. Chocolate base + Chocolate frosting = Chocolate Squared
2. Chocolate base + (Mint + Chocolate) frosting = Mint Slice of Heaven
3. Chocolate base + Vanilla frosting = Top Deck
4. Chocolate base + Coffee frosting = Cocha Mocha
5. (Chocolate + Raspberry) base + Raspberry frosting = Berry Berry Chocolate
6. Vanilla base + Vanilla frosting = Plain & Simple
7. Vanilla base + Strawberry frosting = Strawberries & Cream
8. (Vanilla + Raspberry) base + Raspberry frosting = Berry Berry Vanilla
9. Strawberry base + Strawberry frosting = Strawberry Shortcake
10. Coffee base + Coffee frosting = Coffee Kick

All in all, it took just a little over 24 hours to plan. Brendyn and I went shopping for the ingredients and decorations the day before the big event at about 10AM. After the marathon shop, I got stuck into the decorations: pink streamers, cupcake flavour cards, cake pop stands, etc. Then started work on the cake pops. These little suckers took forever to make. They are just so darn fiddly! I started work on them at about 6PM and did not finish until about 12AM. This included baking, moulding, decorating and packaging! This is the point when I realised that I was in big trouble - I needed (yes, and for the record I NEEDED to, not WANTED to, NEEDED) to make one thousand cupcakes and I had not baked a single one at this point and guest were due to arrive in 15 hours. So instead of going to bed, I baked my giant cupcake and decorated it, made the bases of 200 cupcakes and made the cupcakes for my cupcake bouquet. I went to bed at 4AM and got up at 6AM to start the baking process. The next 9 hours was complete mayhem. I was in a complete state of cupcake crazy. Flour, sugar, eggs, milk was flying everywhere. There was not a clean spot in the kitchen. By the time the first guest arrived, I literally put the finishing icing touches on some cupcakes.

Was it worth it?! ABSOLUTELY! I love throwing parties. No matter how painful the organisation process is. I just love it. Give me a theme and I will make it happen. Yes, it is necessary to theme parties! Parties MUST have themes. Otherwise, how would your guest know what to expect? For instance, how would my guest have known to expect this upon arrival:

Very BIG thank you to all my wonderful friends who made it to the cupcake picnic. I had an absolute blast (sincerely, I did) and I hope you did too! You help encourage a little girl’s dream come true. It just shows what can be achieved with a little determination, one kitchen aid, one oven, little to no sleep and one crazy person. This was a win for all the little people in the world who have a dream that people said could not
be achieved! Me (in a lack of sleep state) and my one thousand cupcakes laugh in the face of those people.

I suppose I should also thank Brendyn for allowing (and helping) me to achieve my crazy dreams and for always being two steps behind me with a sponge cleaning up my cupcaking mess. He does this not because I ask him to, but he knows that if he does not clean it, I would probably leave it (yes, I am a little grub)! Oh and suppose because he is an all round good person. I have said it before and I will say it again, what a man!

Over the next couple of days, I will blog more specifically about the various items I made for the cupcake picnic of the year (possibly the only cupcake picnic of the year)!


  1. This looks absolutely incredible! Each one of the cupcakes looks divine, and you definitely can't tell that there was any mayhem involved :)
    Awesome job.

  2. 1000 cupcakes, Tina?! That's INSANE! It looks amazing. Like your very own store!

  3. I absolutely agree about themed parties and goodness... when I turn 23 next year. I know who to call on =P you look fab Tina!

  4. Thank you everyone! Yes, when everything was set up it make me want to open my very own cupcake store. Hopefully the dream will become a reality one day. :)