Thursday, 6 October 2011

(Cupcake - Cup) + Pop = Yummy CAKE POP Cuteness

Cake pops are so much fun. If only they were easier to make, I would make them all the time. These little suckers are just so fiddly! But the end result makes it all worth it. Little cake balls of yummy cake pop cuteness on lolly pop sticks! What more could a person want?!

Blogger and baker extraordinaire, Bakerella, came up with this fabulous idea. If you would like to learn how to make cake pops, watch the link below. Although it looks somewhat straight forward, be warned, it is seriously harder than it looks.

On a separate note, how kick arse is Bakerella's kitchen! 

From my various attempts of making cake pops, I have made a number of improvisations to the recipe and methodology. For instance, instead of using candy melts (which can be quite expensive – and as you all know, I am a closet stingy Asian) I use cooking chocolate (which is a heck of a lot cheaper!). I tend to use the Nestle Chocolate Melts which you can purchase in the cooking aisle of most grocery stores. From my extensive research of making cake pops, all of TWO times, I found that using white chocolate with a little bit of colouring to decorate the cake pops is sufficiently easier than using milk chocolate. The milk chocolate once melted, is incredibly thick and leaves the cake pops looking somewhat clunky. Yes, clunky is a word. So in my opinion, white chocolate is the way to go. It is cheaper and easier to work with.

Also, once I have rolled the cake mixture into shape, e.g. balls or cupcakes, I like to leave them in the fridge for about 10 minutes before sticking the lolly pop sticks into them. I found that if I do not put them in the fridge, when I stick the lolly pop sticks into them they tend to break and crumble, leaving me somewhat sad and frustrated. So to avoid this, leave the balls in the fridge before sticking the lolly pop sticks into them. Once you stick the lolly pop sticks into the balls, put the balls back into the fringe for a second time for another 10 minutes.

As you know, I made three different cake pop designs for my Cupcake Picnic: spring themed cake pops with butterflies and flowers, cupcake cake pops and pink sprinkled cake pops. To decorate the spring themed cake pops I used my all time trusty baking companion, fondant! I made the fondant butterflies and flowers earlier that day. It made very cute cake pop decorations.

Well, you know what they say, practice makes perfect! Ah, best go make a batch to perfect the art that is cake pops. I mean, really, I am doing it for the greater cake popping good.


  1. You shouldn't have posted those cute cakepops! Now I want some!

  2. They are so easy to make Clare! I will happily show you how to make them if you like?