Tuesday, 4 October 2011

George Town Cupcakes, I heart you long time!

 I do not need another reason to love George Town Cupcakes any more than I already do! But after this weekend, my love and respect for the ladies of George Town Cupcakes have grown exponentially. Not only do their cupcakes look amazingly tasty, but they are also so creative with what they do with the cupcakes. For instance, their cupcake bouquet of flowers. As you would remember from my previous post, I love presents that you can consume! So a bouquet of cupcake flowers is a win-win in my opinion. Flowers that you can eat – genius!

I attempted my first cupcake bouquet of flowers and my goodness it was diabolical! The cupcakes that sat on the top of the bouquet manage to keep shape and stick to the cupcake base. But the cupcakes that were on a slight angle were impossible to ice! After much effort, I managed to ice all the cupcakes (even the cupcakes on a slight angle). It was not my best icing work, but it was what it was. However, only to discover minutes later that the icing started to drip off the cupcakes and onto the table. After three attempts of trying to ice the cupcakes again, I just gave up and let the forces of gravity get the better of me! By the end of the party, three cupcakes loss their rose icing. FML (for the record, I do not mean fluffy, moist and light)!

The original plan of action was to make two bouquets of cupcake flowers for the cupcake picnic, but after realising how difficult it was to actually make, I decided to only make one. Thereby leaving one of two ceramic pots cupcakeless and looking somewhat sad.

Ah well, you win some, you lose some. In this scenario, three of my cupcakes lost their rose icing! I take my cupcake hat off to the ladies of George Town Cupcakes – you are amazing!

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