Monday, 23 May 2011

WARNING: Controversial blog post

In email correspondence this morning with my best friend (and part time life coach) Koko Butter, we discussed my blog (this blog actually!) and my search for the perfect cupcake. In his email, Kosta suggested I not lose focus of my blog’s purpose, and that every post should reveal, in some way, what I think makes the best cupcake.

He had plenty of suggestions. Is it the taste? Is it the toppers or the concept? Is it the joy it brings people? What combination of these is it?

This leads me to my next post (this post actually!):

In 2008, I visited the United States of America to attend an international conference called Global Village (GV). During my stay in the big US to the A, I spent about a week in New York City. Like many people in the world, I am a big fan of Sex in the City and visiting NYC was a must for that reason alone. Oh my goodness, can I be any more of a cliché?! I like cupcakes, I like pink, I like Audrey Hepburn, I like Sex in the City ... OMG I am totally like, you know, like, not like a stereotypical girl or anything.

Anyway, while in NYC I signed up for a Sex in the City tour. We visited a number of the famous sites from the show, including Pleasure Chest, Meat Packing District, Scout and the famous Magnolia Bakery. I was so excited by the prospect of tasting a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. If it was good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, it was sure as heck good enough for a small town girl from Perth!  Here is a photo of me and some exquisite GV ladies about to sink our teeth into our delicious cupcake.

I had a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting. It was a nice cupcake. It didn’t exactly float my boat. But, don’t get me wrong, the cupcake didn’t violently offend me either. Like I said, it was a nice cupcake. Would I say it was my perfect cupcake? Probably not. Now, I know this is quite the controversial statement to make, but in my opinion, it wasn’t perfection in a cupcake (please note statements of opinion are not legally actionable). But why trust my opinion; I openly admitted to cheating with Ms Crocker, what would I know?!

So Koko Butter, in answer to your question about what makes the best cupcake – everything you suggested and so much more! Am I asking too much? Am I being too demanding? Probably, but hey, I am a clichéd, high maintenance girl, living in my own cliché world!  

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