Thursday, 12 May 2011

“Ohhhh! My Little Pony Teeeeeee!”

My little niece Amelia (Zachary’s sister) is growing up so fast! Every day she is becoming more and more like a girly girl much to her mother’s dismay (as her mother was quite the tomboy growing up, she too hoped for a tomboy). Amelia is the most adorable little person, she has such spirit and character, and she has only recently turned three! She is a real all or nothing type character, and when she wants or likes something, she is determined to get it.
We first noticed her girly nature developing when she showed an interest in Minnie Mouse between the ages of one and a half and two years old. She was fascinated by Minnie Mouse – I think it was the polka dot dress and headband and the pink high heeled shoes that fostered this fascination.
Also, at this stage, Zachary being three was unable to pronounce Amelia, so he called her Mini. Soon enough Amelia’s nick name became Mini Mousey. So on my little Mini Mousey’s second birthday, I made her Minnie Mouse cupcakes while she took her afternoon nap. When she woke up and saw the cupcakes, she was completely shocked and speechless. But this didn’t stop her from getting stuck into the cupcakes!

These days, Amelia, although she still likes Minnie Mouse, has developed a new fascination with My Little Pony. She is absolutely obsessed with all things pony, but My Little Pony in particular. This came as a bit of a shock to me one day when we were out shopping and she saw a My Little Pony quilt set. She exclaimed with delight “Ohhhh! My Little Pony Teeeeeee!”. I didn’t even realise she knew what a pony was, let alone My Little Pony. Anyway, being the sucker that I am, I brought her the quilt set and then proceeded to Big W and brought her a My Little Pony toy (minor details).
That year for my birthday, she begged that I make myself a My Little Pony cake, specifically a Rainbow Dash cake. So what did I do? I made it of course (Did I mention I was a sucker?)! As when she first saw the Minnie Mouse cupcakes, she was completely shocked and speechless. However, she did manage a little “Ohhhh! My Little Pony Teeeeeee!”  When it came time to cutting the cake, she was eager to get stuck into it. I, on the other hand, was a little reluctant, after investing six hours into making the cake I wanted it to last forever.

Alas, we sang happy birthday and Rainbow Dash got cut up and served for dessert.

This year leading up to Amelia’s third birthday, she knew exactly what she wanted. Surprise, surprise, it was a My Little Pony cake. But not just any My Little Pony cake, a carousel My Little Pony cake! In the months leading up to the her birthday, I googled various carousel cakes and I decided to attempt making a three dimensional carousel cake using My Little Pony as the horses surrounding the carousel. In order to do this, I had to make two cake bases, one cake to be the base of the carousel and one cake to form the pointy top of the carousel. Also, I had to make the inner carousel part as well, where the horses are housed. It was yet another late night in the kitchen baking and rolling out fondant. But we got there in the end.  

What was Amelia’s reaction? “Ohhhh! My Little Pony Teeeeeee!”

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