Sunday, 22 May 2011

I cheated with Betty Crocker and I liked it!

Recently I have started to follow a number of baking blogs and I have noticed that a large number of blogs have made the baking pledge. That is, the bakers have pledged to make only homemade baked goods from scratch. Although I would like to include such a pledge on my own blog, I feel as though I have to first come clean. I cheated with Betty Crocker and I liked it!

This is probably not the smartest blog to post, given that I just openly admitted to cheating and it was only a few weekends ago that my husband was away in Melbourne. But it is true - I have been known to cheat with Ms Crocker on more than one occasion!  Please note, I only cheat with the best and Ms Crocker is the very best. I wouldn’t just cheat for anyone.  Ms Crocker’s vanilla frosting is to die for.   

Now, I am not one to make excuses, but sometimes I find it difficult to find the time to bake, especially when I need to make a big bake order on a school night after work. Anyway, enough with the excuses, here are the number of occasions when I have cheated:

It’s me. Not baking. I need more “me” time before I can have “baking from scratch” time. However, from today onwards, I am making the pledge - I will only make homemade bake goods from scratch!

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  1. Emily was so excited when she saw me reading this blog post. "WOW! Cupcakes. A Teeena!" :)