Friday, 27 May 2011

Childhood loves

I am supposed to be out on the town tonight, but instead I am at home in my jam jams feeling sorry for myself after getting a fluey fever at work – with horrible accompanying flu sweats! Woe is me. So instead of being out on the town or baking a batch of cupcakes, I am at home blogging about my childhood loves.

Sadly, my mum is not much of a baker. I grew up having frozen cheesecake and ice cream cakes for every birthday. Growing up, I loved Barbie and always dreamed of a Barbie cake for my birthday (i.e. a Dolly Varden type cake). Perhaps it was because all of my little friends had Barbie cakes for their birthday. Perhaps it was because it was a pretty girlie cake, or perhaps (most likely) it combined my two loves, cake and Barbie.

Having never had a Barbie cake for one of my birthday, I decided to be in charge of my own destiny and made my very own Barbie cake for my Hens Day High Tea. Also, the day of my Hens was my very good friend’s birthday.  She’s a true friend who shares a lot of my interests, and over time I’ve dubbed her ‘Twin Pole’. Being my Twin Pole, she shares my love for cake and Barbie. Given that I never got my dream of a Barbie cake, I thought I would fulfil her dreams and give her the Barbie cake for her birthday!

Usually, the Dolly Varden cakes that I have seen are decorated with butter cream icing and candy. However, my Hens Day was close to the time that I discovered fondant and everything had to be made in fondant! Including Barbie’s dress, a pink dress of course!

Ok, so let’s get back to basics and talk about why we are all here, cupcakes. When I got to middle primary school, and grew out of my Barbie phase, my cousins (yes, you Liz and Andy) got a Super Nintendo . There were two games I became quickly obsessed with: Super Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country. They were by far the coolest games ever. I would spend most of my weekends glued to the television playing these two respective games. So when my esteemed colleague, (and good friend) asked me to make Mario and friends cupcakes for her, I couldn’t have been more excited. When making the Mario cupcakes, Brendyn and I were humming the Mario Kart tunes all day. I particularly enjoyed this baking adventure as it was fun for the whole family!

Anyway, I am going back to feeling sorry for myself and watching Parks and Recreations with the husband. Peace out.  

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