Friday, 20 May 2011

Everything changed the day she found fondant!

I was introduced to the wonderful world of fondant late last year and I have never looked back.  I would go as far as to say that it has changed my baking life. Personally, I do not like the taste of fondant, and now I know how much it needs to be handled in order to make decorations, it kind of creeps me out to think how much the fondant on other people’s cakes has been played with! I am glad other people don’t share the same irrational quirks as I do, otherwise I would be out of business before I could even get started. I feel as though I need to explain myself, so just for the record, I am very hygienic - I wash my hands and use clean utensils FYI!

I first experimented with fondant for my little niece Emily’s baptism and first birthday. Never having used fondant before, I didn’t know what type of cake the fondant would go well with. After a little bit of research, I realised that fondant is mainly used on wedding cakes to cover chocolate mud cake or fruit cake. Not being a big fan of fruit cake, I decided to make white chocolate mud cupcakes instead.

For Emily’s baptism, I made pink cupcakes with white bows and letters spelling out her name. At the time, Emily had a little duckie that she loved dearly, so I tried to replicate the duckie out of fondant (somewhat unsuccessfully - the duck kinda looks scary).

For Emily’s all important first birthday, I decorated the cupcakes with fondant cupcake decorations. Yes, I made cupcake cupcakes! Crazy times...

But like Zachary says, a birthday party is not a party unless there is a birthday cake! So of course I had to make Emily a birthday cake, a three dimensional duck cake in fact.

My beautiful friend Rohini told me recently that our friend Daniel commented on my baking saying that “everything changed the day she found fondant”. And he is absolutely right, everything did change, fondant rocks my world and has turned my baking life upside down! Fondant opened my eyes and heart to the wonders of cupcake decorating.  Anything is possible with fondant!

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