Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mad Fads!

I have been guilty of following my fair share of fads growing up, including wearing midriff tops, piercing my ear lobes twice as well as my left upper ear, nursing a muffin top (oh wait that was not a fad, just my poor fashion sense) but by no means do I understand the recent Australian fad of planking! Nevertheless, I am a woman of the people and what the people want I deliver.

My colleagues (who are also quite the bakers) and I joked the other day about planking, specifically the man who planked on the UWA river statue, and we joked about making a planking cupcake. And before I knew it, I was telling everyone and anyone who would listen that I was going to make a planking cupcake.

I am not entirely thrilled about how it turned out. I had envisaged it would have turned out differently, but to be entirely honest after a long days work, I really couldn’t be bothered fixing it. Which is odd, given I am a crazy perfectionist.

Who would have ever thought I would have planked?! How hardcore ...


  1. I saw this here: and it made my day. It might be my extreme fatigue talking, but I think this is hilarious. Thanks for that!

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    I am glad I made your day! They were a lot of fun to make too.

    Happy baking!