Thursday, 8 March 2012

Let's all get Unwrapped

Eleven months ago, I started this cupcake blog with the view that I would share my cupcake passion with the world. Not only would I share stories and photos of my own cupcaking adventures, but share my cupcaking experience of other bakers’ cupcakes. Here I am eleven months and one hundred and thirteen blog post later, I have been featured on a number of international cupcake/food blogs, started my own home business and have registered for my first official event.

I have always toiled over the idea of starting my own cupcake business, but I was always held back with the fear of failing (as I am sure this is what holds back a lot of people from chasing their dreams). I didn’t think that I had what it takes for people to actually want to buy my product. I knew in my heart that what I had to offer was special, but I didn’t believe it was special enough that people would be willing to part with their hard earned money for. But as time progressed and after much encouragement from family and friends, I decided to take the biggest gamble and bet on myself! So here we are, Top the Cupcake is no longer just a cupcake blog, but it is a cupcake business ‘open for business’!

I am so pleased to announce that my first cupcaking appearance will be at this year’s Unwrapped at Angelo Street, South Perth on Sunday, 25 March 2012 between 12PM to 6PM. If you live in Perth, Western Australia, please attend and support up and coming local entrepreneurs, such as myself. Come visit my stall where I will have mini cupcakes, cake pops and fondant toppers on sale. Even if you don’t wish to purchase anything, please just pop by and say hello. I would love to meet anyone who reads my blog and to share cupcake ideas (or war stories) with you!

For more information about Unwrapped, please visit any of the following:
Twitter: @unwrappedmarket

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