Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bad Aunty Tina!

The last couple of weeks I have been absolutely chocker block with work, my real full time work that is. I feel as though I have been operating at 1,000 miles per hours (not that I actually know what 1,000 miles per hour would feel like as I am based in Australia and we measure speed according to kilometres)! Nevertheless, I am sure you get the point I am trying to get across – I have been busy! But never too busy to bake, just too busy for everything else. 

Two weekends ago, was the second birthday of my little niece Olivia (from Brendyn’s side of the family). I honestly cannot believe she is already two! My goodness time flies. Livy’s parents organised a lovely picnic at the park with family and friends to celebrate this wonderful occasion. As I am sure you probably would have guessed, I volunteered to bring cupcakes. Being the lover of themes that I am, I requested a theme to work with and the theme I was given was “animals”.

So I made the usual animals (nothing out of the ordinary): butterflies, cows, dogs, elephants, giraffes, horses, lions, penguins and polar bears - you name it and I made it! At first I was a little nervous that the “animal” theme was not specific enough and that the cupcakes would not all come together and make a specky display, but I was wrong. Once all the cupcakes were arranged together in the cupcake display, it looked pretty darn good (if I don’t say so myself). And at the top of the tower, sat a personalised Princess Livy cupcake!

Given how busy I have been lately, this was an extremely last minute bake job. I felt like a terrible Aunty Tina leaving such an important bake job to the absolute last minute! On the morning of the party, I was STILL making fondant toppers. Some toppers didn’t even have time to dry. Insert ashamed face here.

Today is the birthday of my little baker Amelia, she turns four today! And sadly, I am not in Perth to celebrate her birthday or to make her birthday cupcakes. This not only makes me terribly sad but makes me a terrible Aunty Tina. I am hoping to make it up to her by baking cupcakes for her to bring into school and share with her kindy friends next week. She has also asked me to volunteer at her school, to run a cupcake decorating class with the kids in her class. Of course I said yes but I must admit I am a little fearful of 40 plus kids with cupcakes, icing bags and fondant! I am sure I will have loads of funny stories to share, so watch this space.

Happy Birthday my Mini Mousey!

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