Thursday, 15 March 2012

The dream apron!

My sister-in-law, Adelyn, is amazing. She is the living proof that we can in fact have it all. She has two beautiful kids (Zach and Mini) who she dotes on hand and foot, works full-time in a high pressured job and still makes time for her crafting passions, such as painting, sewing and the like! I am particularly grateful for her sewing ability and creativity. I recently approached her with an idea of what I considered to be the dream apron and she made it happen. Just like that, she made it happen.

You are probably thinking, “so what, an apron, big deal”! Well it is a big deal, I mean the aprons are BIG! If you know me, you know I love, love, love 50s fashion. The big skirts, bold colours, pattern material and of course the accentuation of a woman’s curves (predominately the waist) – what is there not to love?!  So the aprons reflect my taste in clothing to the tee. The aprons are high waisted aprons (accentuating the waist but hiding all the undesirable jingly bits) and are made from bold and beautiful material. The aprons are seriously so beautiful, I just want to wear them out. I feel wearing them just at home is such a waste!

But as you can probably gather, given my eccentric nature, my dream apron would not be like any other ordinary apron. It has to be so much more than that. And it is, it really is. When I came up with my dream apron idea, I put a lot of thought into it. For instance, I wanted something practical – something an actual baker would want to use. I drew upon my own baking experiences and mishaps and soon came to the realisation that I am quite a messy and forgetful baker. I always seem to forget where I put things. One minute the tea towel and mittens are on the bench and the next minute they are nowhere to be seen. This becomes particularly problematic when the cupcakes are done and need to be taken out of the oven and you cannot find the bloody tea towel or mittens anywhere! So the solution to my problem was an apron tool belt. An apron tool belt would force me to put the things back where they belong and all my tools of the trade will never be lost again … well theoretically that is the plan!

Although I love the idea of an apron tool belt, Brendyn did point out that having all the tools on the apron detracted from the simplicity and beauty of the apron itself. He made a very valid point and although I thought the tool belt idea was the best thing since an iced cupcake, I am sure some people would share Brendyn’s views. So Ade decided to sew buttons on the aprons and make it optional as to how many tools you would like to have on the apron itself. Each apron has four buttons and therefore people can put as many (up to four) or as little tools on the apron as they like.

The materials used for the aprons were chosen by Ade, Mini and I a few Sundays ago. And I left all the dirty work to Ade, as she hand made all the aprons!

I am very pleased to inform the world, well the blogging world at least, that Ade and I will be selling these aprons at the upcoming Unwrapped on Sunday, 25 March 2012. Yes, it is only 11 sleeps away (probably less sleeps for me as I am sure I will be pulling a few all-nighters leading up to the event itself). Come see these amazing aprons in the flesh and purchase a cupcake or two!

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