Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Odd birthday request …

Today is my colleague friend (not facebook friend), Sam’s 30th birthday. And of course to celebrate this grand momentous occasion I made cupcakes! Not sure why I even bothered making him cupcakes because it is not like we are even friends. Unless, you are facebook friends, you are not really friends! Just saying

Last year, when I was running the “Guess who?” topper competition on my facebook page, where entrants were required to guess who I was making out of fondant, Sam kept guessing Liza Minnelli. It was clearly not Liza Minnelli, it was Nemo! I think it was Nemo’s googly eyes that confused him. Needless to say, Sam did not win the competition. Needless to say, Sam was less than impressed!

Anyway, ever since the competition he has been going on about me making him Liza Minnelli cupcakes for his 30th birthday. And the day has finally come. So …

Happy 30th birthday Sam!
Love, Liza.

Yes, I mimicked Liza Minnelli’s autograph! Because let’s face it, I have too much free time between working full time, baking part time, studying part time (as of yesterday) and being an all-rounder fabulous person all the time!


  1. Tina, these cupcakes are amazing. You are an excellent Facebook friend!

  2. Dont worry Tina, I feel rejected too by Sam. I dont feel as if our friendship has been 'confirmed' yet lol
    Awesome cupcakes!!!

  3. I cant believe I wasn't in the office and missed these...