Thursday, 9 February 2012


So I have had a few people ask me about this now and I think it is about time I face the cold harsh reality that I never received a response from Downton Abbey with respect to my “team servant” cupcakes. Yes, I am devastated. Yes, I did tweet it to the correct Downton Abbey twitter account – twice (I was contemplating a third time, but let’s be honest, that would have just been weird and boarder line stalkerish. But this post is totally not!). Yes, I am almost certain there is a plausible reason as to why they have not responded. Yes, I am still madly obsessed with the series. And yes, I am devastated (I know I have already stated this, but I believe my devastation warrants a second mention). Pity me, woes me, FML (and I am not referring to Fluffy, Moist, Light cupcakes)!

The “team servant” cupcakes were not a complete waste of time though! The toppers are a great template design for me in preparation for my Downton Abbey party with my friend Sarah. We are even considering dressing up in costumes and all! Now I am faced with yet another Downton Abbey dilemma, who do I dress up as? It’s not like there is a token Asian character … sigh!

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