Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A cupcake is worth a thousand words ...

I have so much work to do and so little motivation! So what does one do when face with such a situation? Well, muck around on Photoshop until the wee hours of the morning of course! And the above image is the proof of such madness.

I love cupcakes so much! Whether it be eating cupcakes, making cupcakes or watching others enjoy my cupcakes, cupcakes sincerely bring me so much joy! I get all warm and giddy just thinking about cupcakes.

At this very moment in time (and I am not sure whether it is the stress that is talking or the lack of sleep, so bear with me), I feel as though the above image really captures my feelings and passions towards cupcakes. Simple, romantic and delicious!

Cupcakes, I <3 you!

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