Sunday, 5 February 2012

Happy birthday Brendysaurus and Mitchatops!

So it is the husband’s birthday today – the big 2-7! He shares his birthday with an old timer from his high school he calls a “friend”, Mitch. Since they share the same birthday, we normally celebrate their respective birthdays together with their high school crew. Last year, I made Brendyn and Mitch a Bat Mobile cake (let’s be honest, it was more for Brendyn than Mitch, after all, Brendyn is BATMAN). Given that last year’s birthday cake was more for Brendyn than Mitch, I decided to let Mitch pick what cupcake theme he would like this year. He chose “dinosaurs”.

I was a little slow off the mark this morning with my baking as I had to make Brendyn breakfast in bed. Of course we had nothing in the fringe or pantry for me to fix breakfast, so I had to run to the shops, buy the ingredients, get home and cook the birthday boy breakfast. So after that ordeal, I got started on the dinosaur themed cupcakes.

I was not sure who was going to the boozy lunch festivities, but I knew the old school high school crew would be there in full stead: Steve, Hobbs, Brendyn and Mitch! Given that I am not one to make simple cupcakes, I decided to make personalised dinosaur cupcakes. But how does one make personalised dinosaur cupcakes, you ask? Easy - make dinosaurs named after the birthday boys and the party goers. So I made a Stevosaurus, Hobbs-Rex, Brendysaurus and Mitchatops out of fondant. I made little name labels as well, in case the boys got a little confused after consuming a few too many beers (and let’s be honest, they did)!

Boozy lunch was scheduled at 1PM today and I by the time I had finished the toppers it was 11.45AM. At this stage, I still had to make the actual cupcakes and make myself look half decent. So being strapped for time, I decided to whip up a quick batch of vanilla cupcakes. As the cupcakes were cooking and cooling, I was running around the house like a maniac getting ready. I managed to get myself and the cupcakes looking fairly average by 1PM. Although I was not necessary on time, at least I was not too ridiculously late.

Anyway, the boys were not complaining about my tardiness! They loved their personalised dinosaur cupcakes despite being 27 year old grown men.

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