Monday, 19 September 2011

Lemon on lemon on lemon makes for something lemony!

My golly goodness, can you use the word ‘lemon’ more in a sentence? I tell you what, you might not be able to use it more in a sentence but you certainly can in a cupcake! And that is exactly what I did last week. I made lemon curd cupcakes. I know it doesn’t sound very appetising as curd sounds like a rude word (turd – according to urban dictionary it means poo), but I assure you it was yummy to the yumma.

So what brought about me making lemon curd cupcakes? Well my amazingly talented colleague, Bernie, made lemon curd butterfly cakes for work peeps (sadly I missed out). Everyone was raving how lovely they were, and if they tasted anything like her scones, they would have been heaven in a cupcake patty. I told Brendyn about Bernie’s cupcakes and he asked me why I have never made him lemon curd cupcakes before? As lemon is one of his favourite dessert flavours along with chocolate mint, coffee, custard and stewed apples. Knowing how uber competitive I am, he suggested that perhaps Bernie was the perfect woman having perfected lemon curd cupcakes and that I probably would not be able to make lemon curd cupcakes anyway! As you could imagine, my eyes turned an ever so light shade of green and it was on…it was on like DONKEY KONG!

I knew that in order to win the affection of my husband, I had to make the lemon curd from scratch. I searched the internet high and low until I came across this divine recipe. The lemon curd was amazing. It was lemony and tangy! Everything I wanted and so much more. I did stray from the recipe a little bit, by adding a tablespoon of corn flour. It made the curd (not turd, get your head out of the gutter!) thicker like a custard consistency.

I then had to house the lemon curd in an equally delicious cupcake. So once again, I searched the internet high and low until I came across this equally deserving lemon cupcake recipe with lemon cream cheese frosting. Although the cupcake base was a little denser than I would usually like, it was a nice off set to the lemon curd. I found the cream cheese frosting did not have enough lemon zing for my liking, so I added extra lemon juice (1/4 of a cup) and lemon zest.

Holy smokes! I do not usually like to brag, but these lemon curd cupcakes were perfect. They were really tangy and packed a lot of lemon flavour. Definitely not for the weak hearted. Lemon on lemon on lemon - that is a whole lot of lemon! If you love all things lemon, then do yourself a favour and make these cupcakes.

Needless to say, Brendyn thought the lemon curd cupcakes were sufficient. They currently sit in equal first place with the Mint Slice cupcakes.

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