Thursday, 15 September 2011

I feel dirty!

Ok, so I feel as though I have kind of cheated on cupcakes. Hence, I feel dirty. And before you jump up and down accusing me of using a prepared cupcake packet mix – I did not! I did something much, much worst. I listened to be my husband (problem number one) and his friends (problem number 2) and made savoury cupcakes (problem number three)!

Brendyn had his friends over a few weekends ago to watch the AFL (Australian Football League). The previous week, he and his friends suggested that I expanded my baking horizons to include savoury treats. To keep in theme with my cupcake passion, the boys suggested that I make savoury cupcake … FOR THEM!

I thought I would listen to my husband (being the good wifey that I am) and make him savoury treats. So I made savoury cupcake of all Brendyn’s favourite things: cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives, red onion and salami.

The cupcakes turned out alright. The boys seemed to have liked it, after all they did polish them all off! Basically they were savoury muffins in cupcake patties. To me it was just odd. When I took a bite into the cupcakes, I was expecting something sweet, light and fluffy. Instead what I got was salty, dense and masculine! Ah, you live and learn. So what is the moral to the story? Never listen to one’s husband or his friends!

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