Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hippy go lucky!

So this post has nothing to do with hippes or being a hippy, I just came up with this blog post and thought it was pretty funny. Not wanting to part with this ripper blog title, I decided to use it and here we are.

Anyway, I have been very in touch with nature these last couple of weeks as I have been shopping at the markets. Yes, how very organic of me! The markets are wonderful – there is such a wide selection of fruit and vegetables and everything is so ridiculously cheap! I really enjoy waking up early on Saturday morning and going to the market. It really is a lovely start to the weekend. Here are some lovely fruits I have purchased and picked from my parents garden over the last few weeks:

It is so lovely to be able to wonder through the markets and look at all the wonderful fruit that is in season. I also tend to get cupcake inspired while wondering aimlessly through the markets with my free sample of kettle corn, i.e. sweet and salt popcorn. There are just so many sweet fruits on offer and not enough cupcaking time!

A few months ago, I was definitely not much of an inventor. I use to like to find a good recipe and follow it to a tee! However, since going to the markets and getting cupcake inspired, I really enjoy experimenting with fresh fruit and cupcakes. Do not get me wrong, there has been a lot more disasters then success stories, but I always manage to end up with cupcakes – so it cannot be all bad! There are always some winners and some losers, but hey, such is life!

Is this a phase you ask? Most probably! I will eventually get bored of the markets and the novelty of waking up early on a Saturday will soon ware off. Having said that, perhaps I have kicked my phase changing ways, after all my favourite nozzle is STILL the Wilton 2D!

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