Sunday, 11 September 2011


I was presented with the opportunity to baby sit my little Mini Mousey yesterday and as you could probably have guessed, I jumped at the opportunity to do so! Brendyn and I took her to the markets with us for our weekly shop and then we dropped off Uncle Brendy to watch the football at his friend’s house. I asked Amelia how she would like to spend the day and she said “I want to make a cupcake!” I managed to convince her to bake a batch of cupcakes instead of one! While at the markets she told me that she liked blueberries, so we brought a small punnet of blueberries. I suggested we make blueberry cupcakes and she happily agreed, until she realised that we had to crush up all the blueberries. She explained to me that she wanted to keep some blueberries for home time, i.e. to eat at home, and suggested we crush some blueberries and strawberries together instead. And that is what we did – we crushed some blueberries, strawberries and raspberries together to make mix berry cupcakes!

After receiving numerous suggestions from my sister Gina, Ameila and I made a vanilla cupcake base to complement the mix berry frosting. It was quite berry-licious. Hence, the blog title: bake-a-berry-licious! Gina likes to rank my cupcakes and I think this might take the number two spot in her list! Pity she did not get to try one! Amelia is very independent and she demanded to do everything herself – from shifting the flour to licking the beaters to piping the icing. Her piping techniques needs a little work but she is getting there. She pipes the icing in a circular motion but tends to get a little too excited and places too much pressure on the piping bag. So after Amelia pipped the icing on the cupcakes, I had to wipe half of it off with a knife and spread the icing around the cupcake. To which she then placed ample sprinkles on top of! I don’t think she has quite got the idea of ‘less is more’ just yet!

I managed to save three cupcakes from death by sprinkles and took a few happy snaps of the cupcakes while Amelia was passed out asleep.

When Brendyn returned home, he was amazed by the mess that Amelia and I managed to cook up during the few hours he was away. He just sighed and started to clean the dishes (What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man ... back vocals: mighty fine man). Was it worth it? Well he ate three cupcakes yesterday and another three this morning! So yes, I would say so.

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