Saturday, 14 January 2012

The only way is Downton!

My recent obsession is Downton Abbey. I just can’t seem to get enough of it (as with the rest of the world)! I am an absolute sucker for romance and the relationship dynamics of Lady Mary Crawley and Matthew Crawley is to die for! I watch every episode with bated breath wondering “will they or won’t they”. I am currently experiencing massive Downton Abbey withdrawals and season three is not due to air until September of this year (depending where in the world you are). What on earth will I do between now and September?! I guess I could rewatch season one and two for a fourth time …

Not surprisingly, I wanted to make a cupcake in the honour of Downton Abbey! Since Downton Abbey season one and two is based in the early 1900s (more specifically 1900-1918), I did some internet research to see what types of desserts were served in that era, so that I could replicate it in a form of a cupcake. From my extensive research, I discovered that sponge cake and butter cream frosting was already well invented by the 1900s (please keep in mind this was an American source based on the American food timeline not the English). So this made my cupcaking adventure quite easy … or that was at least what I had thought!

My cupcaking adventure yesterday was a disaster! My foolproof chocolate recipe proved not to be so foolproof afterall. I don’t know what went wrong. I measured all the ingredients out and followed the recipe with the utmost precision but got bland tasting, non-rising, below average cupcakes. The only thing I can think of which may have attributed to this is perhaps one of the ingredients passed its use by date. Nevertheless, as you can imagine this left me feeling quite devastated. So I reverted to my vanilla foolproof recipe (touch wood) and made chocolate butter cream frosting! And of course I topped the cupcake with my Downton Abbey cupcake toppers! Nothing new here, once again I just sketched the Downton Abbey imagery onto a piece of fondant. I also made a cheeky “The only way is Downton” topper at the expense of ‘The only way is Essex”.

So I am going to admit something that is going to make me look a little stalkerish! But I assure you, it sounds worse than it really is. So, Dan Stevens the amazing actor who portrays Matthew Crawley is very active on twitter. He constantly replies to fans’ tweets, to the extent where he is wishing specific fans “good luck” for their upcoming exams. And this made me like him so much more! I can’t believe he takes the time to reply to his fans – very swoon worthy! After discovering how active Dan Stevens is on twitter, I may or may not have joined the world of twitter to follow him (@topthecupcake). Awkward …

I will end this post with my favourite scene from season 2 - enjoy! 

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