Sunday, 8 January 2012

Combining my two food loves!

As you are aware, I have been guilty in the past of making a cupcake for no other reason than to talk about something not cupcake related on my blog. I am afraid I have done it again! This time to discuss my two food loves.

Obviously, my first and foremost food love is cupcakes! Anyone and everyone could have guessed that. My second food love is fast food, in particular KFC. I could easily eat KFC original fried chicken every day, I mean it EVERY DAY. I must admit, there was a time in my life when I could not decide which of the two was my favourite chicken: hot and spicy chicken or original chicken. But after extensive taste tasting and research, I have ultimately come to the conclusion that the original fried chicken is truly the yummiest!
Now before you get concerned that I made a KFC flavoured cupcake, let me assure you, I have not. I have merely made a cupcake dedicated to my secondary food group. Although having said that, a chicken salt inspired cupcake does sound mighty delicious. I am salivating at the thought of it!

So there you have it, a KFC topper sitting on a vanilla cupcake! The topper was quite easy to make as I hand drew Colonel Sanders on the fondant circle with an edible marker. So sadly, not much technical skill went into executing this cupcake creation.

Every time I go to KFC (which is quite regular), I always order the same thing: “Hi, can I please have a two piece feed with original chicken and Pepsi Max (obviously, I am concerned about my figure, hence the Pepsi Max). Also, can I please have two thigh proportions?” I love, love, love the thigh portion of a chicken and there are two reasons for this:
  • ONE – the parson's nose (also known as the chicken’s bum) is delicious; and
  • TWO – it is after all the juiciest piece of the chicken.
I even have a method of eating the two piece feed down pack. I always like to leave the best to last, so I tend to eat the bun and potato & gravy first. Then I peel the chicken skin off the two chicken pieces and set them aside. I proceed by eating the chicken meat. Ok, now saving the best to last, I wrap the chicken skin around approximately 4 regular sized chips and roll it up. Whoa – KFC chicken skin wrapped in chips. DELICIOUS! This is one of my most favourite things in the world. It never ceases to cheer me up after a hard day’s work. But let me warn you, it is an acquired taste and not for the faint hearted.

On one occasion, I did visit KFC and did not order the two piece feed (yes, I know blasphemy)! Instead I order the Man Time Burger (basically a burger, where the buns were substituted with chicken fillets). So basically, it was some bacon, cheese and sauce wedged between two chicken fillets. My friend suggested that I should add a hash brown to the burger and so I did. What was my consensus? Meh, I was not a fan. The burger itself was too dry - had the chicken fillets been made from chicken thigh, then that would have been a completely different story. Also, I may or may not have got the meat sweats after eating the burger – who could be sure of these things?! Serves me right from straying from my usual beloved two piece feed.

It's TINA time! BAM!


  1. maybe a salted caramel cupcake... or sea salt and caramel!

  2. this is great!
    what did you draw onto?
    wanting to do a 'pepsi max' version for my brothers birthday

    1. Thanks Anonymous! :) I used an edible marker and I drew on some fondant (which I had left to dry out over night).

      A pepsi max cupcake topper would be awesome!